The Treasure

In the heart of a world kissed by fantasy lies the city of Whiskerwick. A mosaic of cobblestone streets, gingerbread cottages, and towers tilting playfully towards the sky, it’s a place where old-world charm waltzes with whimsy, where each alley whispers tales of wonder and mischief.

In one of the darker, less-traveled alleys of this enchanted city, Ms. Penny Whiskerton has made her humble dwelling. Her fur is as soft as silken threads of twilight, and her eyes reflect the wisdom of bygone epochs, which just means she has some visible dark circles around her eyes.
Ms. Penny Whiskerton
Ms. Penny Whiskerton
When she was but a small kitten, Ms. Penny discovered an almost empty tuna tin can one day, containing just enough tuna to feed her. Savoring what she considered an aristocratic treat, she decided to keep the tin can. This marked the beginning of a collection that would grow for many years. Her hoard eventually became a small mountain of cans — not too large, of course, as the city of Whiskerwick had its regulations regarding the size of mountains within its limits, but just small enough to be permissible.

One day, as if by fate, a tin collector approached Ms. Penny and presented her with an offer: a single gold coin for her amassed mountain of tin cans. It was a generous sum, Ms. Penny thought; yet the thought of parting with her life’s work, her treasure trove that had kept her company through countless days and nights, tugged at her heartstrings. Saying goodbye to her collection was more than a transaction — it was bidding farewell to a chapter of her life.

Ms. Penny Whiskerton
After much contemplation, Ms. Penny consented. She parted with her beloved collection of tin cans, trading them for the tin collector’s gold coin. In possession of such wealth, she could afford to move to a picturesque neighborhood, to a house of her dreams, surrounded by blooms — a charming testament to Whiskerwick’s delightfully dreamlike real estate market. There, Ms. Penny could embrace a serene, early retirement.
Ms. Penny’s life blossomed beautifully. She raised litters of playful kittens and lived a dream life that surpassed all she could have ever imagined.
Now that she could afford to buy full tins of tuna, Ms. Penny no longer kept the empty cans. Yet, every so often, she’d pause to gaze at a tin just a bit longer before discarding it, proclaiming she was “admiring the craftsmanship”.

“Even in what’s waste, one should appreciate the effort that went into its creation,” she’d ponder. No one had the heart to point out that the tins were mass-produced, with almost no craftsmanship involved. But to Ms. Penny, each one still held a whisper of artistry.

Ms. Penny Whiskerton

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